The Frugal Native

Girls just wanna have funds!

Here we go!

*Alarm of birds tweeting, singing*

“Shut up! What kind of torture is this!”

*Bam! Pow!*

And that’s me waking up.

I decided that this morning was a good morning to start my blog. So now, with my ridiculous sized cup of coffee at my side, my munchkins at school, and Hubby still sawing logs, here we go, people!

The next time we get together on here, you will see savings. I’ll be posting products that are on sale and clearance, as well as freebies and sweepstakes. Basically, anything that I would participate in, you will get the chance to as well. Now, aren’t we just so excited?! I’m feeling all tingly – or maybe that’s the coffee kicking in.

Wish me luck as I scour sites, wrangling the deals that are worth our time!


(Good morning in Blackfoot)

–Thrifty Native

Beautiful way to start the day!

Beautiful way to start the day!

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